Depression Speaks

Like a creeping ivy I caress your dreaming face, You think I am your mother’s touch And you smile at her embrace. But then you realize That it is only I So you pull the covers up To hide. She is gone And I am here, You are where I thrive, I spread my vines […]

At Her Birthday Party

At her birthday party They expected all to dance The music played, the lights grew dim The young girls looked entranced. There they stood with faces flushed Enchantment somewhat marred, While Sam and all the other boys, Did cartwheels in the yard.


You are the master Of orchestration Playing me like the whole Woodwind section Your sharp ear attuned to My reedy thin excuses That we could enjoy the music If we tried. You planned my exit well Waiting until the final movement And by reminding me that my intermezzos Had been too long. I accused you […]

Death in December

A death in December Is the ruination of an entire year Of tiny triumphs and celebrations Of birthdays, and Saturdays, and of Sunlight streaming across a breakfast table. No one tells you that it will take years To recall beloved off-key carols Sung with bellowing joy Or a hand leading you into the shivery night […]