Russian Dressing

Russian dressing topped our salads During the same years We hid under school desks, Arms protecting our heads, Tensing until the blaring alarm subsided, During the same years we took cover from low-flying planes Unsure if they were dropping bombs Or mosquito repellent— Or just buzzing the corn fields because it was fun. Tangy and […]

Message in a Bottle

First a note: A sestina has six, usually unrhymed, stanzas followed by a stanza of three lines. It’s has the same end words, or form of the words, throughout, in a specific order for each stanza. The last stanza contains all six words, again in a specific order. In this case the words are waste, […]


Tribute was published in Out Loud: A Year in Review 2017. Sometime between the October sunlight And the geese overhead at dusk, A little girl sat on the front porch step Fingering the stucco design on the wall. Her father was working on a car in yard, And she marveled that he was her daddy. […]

Cucumber Summer

Every morning at eight We braved bees upon yellow flowers, Learning soon that bees don’t sting when distracted by need. But our need was as great: money to spend, to be frivolous for once. We two kids would make a thousand bucks—or maybe just a hundred each So we’d know the thrill of plenty just […]

Dear John

Dear John was published in Out Loud: A Year in Review 2017. Dear John, I never could imagine That we were meant to be: Your dark humor and your anger Were a little much for me. Though you always spoke Of giving peace a chance I suspect your sweetness Would surrender to your rants. Yes, […]