Depression Speaks

Like a creeping ivy
I caress your dreaming face,
You think I am your mother’s touch
And you smile at her embrace.
But then you realize
That it is only I
So you pull the covers up
To hide.

She is gone
And I am here,
You are where I thrive,
I spread my vines within you
And wrap myself inside
Your muscles and your sinew
And your mind.

You wonder why I’m back:
Did you fail to take your pills?
Are you getting any sunshine?
Are you fretting over bills?
Did you imbibe in too much wine?
Are you spending too much time . . .

Today you will pretend
That I’m not even here.
You smile and talk too brightly
But I can feel your fear,
For you had weeded me all summer
Until my roots had seemed to die
But your dreams awakened me
And I revived.