Nero 2019

The violin wasn’t invented until 800 years later
So he could not have actually fiddled
While Rome burned—
But that doesn’t make it fake news either,
For metaphorically speaking
He giggled his way through the destruction
Of his own civilization
And we will not forget.

We already know that history is replete
With omissions and additions
Misrepresentation and lies
But we’re fully capable
To use our own eyes
To report just the facts:

A racist, a bigot
A bully steeped
In his own debauchery
Who divides his own people
To multiply hate
Who fiddles and plays
With his words
And who gleefully laughs
As he lashes and smashes
Every right we have won

The fire of our anger
The blaze of our rage
The smoldering ashes
That will either propel us to act and arise
Or to still us with smoke and more lies.